Residence in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best countries to live and settle, due to several things we mention:

  • Political and social stability that makes Turkey a fertile land for foreigners from all countries of the world, in addition to that the Turkish people are a friendly, hospitable people that welcomes foreigners
  • Recent economic growth, which is due to investments and infrastructure development, as Turkey attracted approximately $ 15 billion in foreign investment in Turkey.
  • Preserving the rights of foreigners and the absence of any racism in dealing with and no distinction between the foreigner and the Turkish citizen
  • Turkey is an Islamic country and it is distinguished by the Arab-Islamic character that attracts many Arabs for the purposes of studying,  investing,  settling and living in Turkey
Real estate residence in Turkey
It is a residence
permit issued to real estate owners and qualifies for citizenship, and it only needs to own a real estate, and thus obtaining a residence permit is granted to real estate owners and is called a residence permit. It is the title to real estate ownership in Turkey. It is a year and renewed if the property is not sold
Student residence in Turkey
It is a residence issued to students, whether university students or school students, and its procedure is simple, and it only requires that you be registered with a university, school or institute. It
is a residence that the student gets once he joins the university. If he obtains a final acceptance from a Turkish university, institute, or school in Turkey
Residence of work in Turkey
According to the labor law in force in Turkey, it grants foreigners the right to work on Turkish lands, by obtaining a “work permit” (Çalışma İzni) from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, which takes into account the market need for foreign workers and some special criteria that relate to the general plan of the state and that Through which work permits are granted to foreigners according to market requirements and requests submitted by companies.
Tourist accommodation in Turkey
Tourist residency in Turkey is the ideal solution for those wishing to reside in Turkey for a short period such as a year or two and the primary goal of extracting tourist residency in Turkey is to give an opportunity for those wishing to study the Turkish market or tourism in Turkey for a long period of stay in Turkey legally.