Ophthalmology: everything you need to know

The eye is a very sensitive object, so it can be easily infected by many anomalies. The surgical medical discipline dealing with the treatment of eye diseases and their accessories is called “ophthalmology”; in addition to the treatment of deformities, modern techniques in ophthalmology  have helped  to restore or restore the optimal perception and restore vision for many blind people. The person practicing this method calls for an “ophthalmologist”

Ophthalmology: in which cases should an ophthalmologist be consulted?

Ophthalmology  is the best solution for treating eye diseases and therefore, consulting an ophthalmologist is mandatory for children and adults in case of vision loss in one or both eyes, and it is a noticeable change in the visual field (shadows, blocked vision, black spots), changes in vision, changes Somatic in the eye that may be symptoms of a disease, such as pain and redness, and the eye that is heading to the left or right  …

In fact, ophthalmology helps us treat many eye diseases such as :

Albinism: a chronic disease characterized by a lack of melanin production  Glaucoma: a serious disease with very high pressure in the eye and a noticeable decrease in the visual field  Strabismus: affects approximately 4% of the population and distinguishes the body by aligning the eyes   Keratoconus  keratoconus is a less common degenerative disease. It is characterized by corneal distortion  Retinoblastoma  :  It is the most common type of cancerous tumor in children, usually occurring before the age of five .

Several other diseases such as  AMD  , cataracts, and  achromatopsia  , which deal effectively with our ophthalmologists in  Turkey .

Some diseases may present an ophthalmological emergency and you will need to be treated quickly. For this, we guarantee a prompt response to all your requests for ophthalmology consultations in the  best ophthalmology center  in  Turkey .

Take care of your eyes with ophthalmology  :

To remedy these problems, we must protect our eyes by keeping away from TV at least two meters and limiting the use of smartphones for a long time. Also, an ophthalmologist must be  consulted in Turkey  or your country at least once every two years.

Turkey Health gives you the opportunity to contact the best  ophthalmologists  in Turkish hospitals. You can send your inquiry to several hospitals at the same time. Then you get many quotes at a reasonable price, depending on your health.

It should also:

  • Protect eyes  against UV rays, with the help of sunglasses
  • It is very important to have regular eye observation .
  • Avoid direct contact with the screen (the distance between the lens and the screen should be between 50 cm and 80 cm   )  
  • Wear safety glasses while working