Dental plastic surgery

Dental cosmetology in Turkey is a common thing, such as quality, price, and a destination for obtaining a beautiful smile at an affordable cost. Others, such as America, Australia, and more Arab countries, have become the best choice for many who are looking for medical services in general, including dental cosmetic services, especially Hollywood smile and dental implants.

What is the secret of cosmetic dental treatment in Turkey?

  • The low cost of professional medical services and distinguished technical cadres in Turkey is one of the most important reasons for the increasing desire for dental treatment in which the cost of cosmetic dentistry is often less than half the cost of most countries from which medical tourism comes
  • The most important characteristic of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is the quality of medical techniques and cadres such as Europe, despite its low cost,
    and the DenCenterTurkey Center is characterized by Turkish medical personnel with experience of more than 30 years in the field of dental treatment in Turkey
  • Turkey is 4 hours away from 1 billion people around the world and Turkish Airlines has been awarded the title of Best Airline in Europe 6 times in a row.

Dental services provided in Turkey

  • Hollywood smile : it includes treating the tooth and dressing it with special cosmetic scales, which is the most used way in cosmetic dentistry in Turkey to obtain an attractive smile throughout life as long as you dream about it
  • Restorative dental treatment: dental restoration is used to repair fractured or worn out teeth, not just to treat plaque build-up (plaque). This process is called a “process …
  • Zircon: Zircon has made a revolution in dentistry where its beauty and hardness have surpassed other subjects. Learn the causes
  • Dental care: To maintain healthy and safe teeth, there are many things that must be preserved. Dental protection is an issue that attracts everyone’s attention.
  • Laser teeth whitening: The duration of laser teeth whitening in Dant Center Center three consecutive sessions to obtain the best result.
  • Dental implants: Do you need dental implants? The dental implant method used today is much simpler than before. It takes 15 minutes